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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy - ARC Adoption North East Ltd is committed to protecting the personal information of all visitors to this web site. We recognise our obligation to keep personal information secure and believe it is important for our customers and web site users to know how we treat their personal information. Read more

Ways to fundraise

ARC Adoption North East are a non for profit organisation welcome any ideas for fundraising opportunities. Read more

Adoption statistics and facts

In the North East of England, children waiting to be adopted outnumbers adopters 3:1. Could you adopt a child? If you have questions about adoption, or would like more information about the adoption process and the outstanding support available at ARC Adoption North East, email [email protected] or call 01915166466. Read more

Birth family support

ARC Adoption North East provide a range of services including independent support to birth families situated throughout the North East. Read more

Life story

ARC Adoption North East has the responsibility to provide each child with a life story book. This is carried out by members of the team qualified to diploma level in therapeutic life story work for looked after children. ARC Adoption North East’s passionate and innovative approach has led to the development of a digital life story package, ARCBOX. Read more

Therapeutic support

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Fostering for adoption

At ARC Adoption North East are committed to exploring different routes to adoption. ARC Adoption offers an early permanence route, often referred to as fostering for adoption or foster to adopt. Fostering for adoption means that young children, usually babies, are placed at a young age with approved potential adopters who would also be approved temporary foster carers whilst the family court decides on the child’s future. Read more