Would you like to become a Buddy?

The team at ARC Adoption North East are committed to providing high quality support for all adopters, one way in which we provide support is through a Buddy service.

ARC Adoption have a strong community of experienced adopters who volunteer to be part of our Buddy service and provide peer to peer support to other adopters. We are always looking to recruit approved adopters to join our community of Buddies.

ARC Adoption Buddies receive professional training and guidance from the team at ARC Adoption. All our Adoption Buddies thoroughly enjoy the experience of being able to support prospective adopters throughout the process of assessment and matching with their child or children. Prospective and newly approved adopters have also felt the huge benefits from having an experienced Buddy to turn to and discuss their feelings about becoming parents, to raise concerns or questions about the process with someone who has been in the same situation and understands what they are going through, and the real challenges and rewards that lie ahead.

Are you an experienced adopter with an empathetic listening ear, willing to offer emotional support, post approval; during the early stage of placement and up to the adoption order being made; or post adoption order when formal support networks may reduce?

If so, we would love to hear from you. Email [email protected] or call 0191 5166466.

I enjoy being an ARC Adoption Buddy. I have met some really interesting people; I am regularly reminded of the struggles and joys that I have experienced in the various stages of the adoption process.’ ARC Adoption Buddy, Jason