ARC Adoption North East calls for adopters as the need for sibling adopters grows.

Data published by the Adoption & Special Guardianship Leadership Board (ASGLB) shows that the North East has nearly three times as many children awaiting adoptive families as there are adopters and more than half of those children are part of sibling groups.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic the team at ARC Adoption North East have adapted their working practices to ensure that potential adopters are able to continue on their journeys to achieve their dream of becoming parents.

Director at Sunderland based voluntary adoption agency, ARC Adoption North East, Terry Fitzpatrick says, “There is an on-going and urgent need to find adoptive families for children who desperately need them. Adoption transforms the lives of those it touches and we are asking anyone who has ever thought about adoption to find out more about the adoption process and the outstanding support that is available to them at ARC Adoption North East. Whether you’re married, single, gay or heterosexual, if you think you might be able to give a vulnerable child a nurturing and loving home, please get in touch, the professional team at ARC Adoption North East would love to hear from you”.

Terry adds, “Children who come to adoption do so because their birth families are unable to care for them. Many of them have experienced neglect and trauma. All of these children need a loving, stable home. They also need support and love to help them overcome their difficult backgrounds, make sense of who they are and grow up to be safe and secure. Being an adoptive parent can be challenging but it also brings great rewards and joy. If you’re interested in finding out more, please contact ARC Adoption North East today”.

For more information about adoption and the support available to you contact ARC Adoption North East today adoption-enquiry