ARC Adoption North East is looking for a loving home for four-year-old Michael. Working in partnership with Cumbria Adoption, we are appealing for people living in the North of England to come forward to find out more about this smiley little boy and consider if they could meet his needs.

Hello I am Michael

I was born in 2018 and I love:

  • Cuddles from my carers 
  • Choc au pain’s for breakfast
  • Playing and climbing outdoors 
  • Watching Cocomelon on my tablet

Michael has blue eyes and strawberry-blonde hair. His foster carers describe him as an affectionate little boy, and a ‘bright star’ who is inquisitive about the world around him. He is usually very sociable, enjoying the company of other children as well as adults, although he can be a little stubborn when he doesn’t want to do something.

Michael can only say a few words at the moment, but he understands what people say to him and he uses some Makaton sign language as a means of communicating. Michael is very in tune with the notes of songs, and recently learnt to hum his favourite nursery rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Michael particularly enjoys playing with sensory toys that make noise, and loves to sing and dance with his instruments. Michael also loves to play and climb outside – though he does need a watchful eye on him. 

A day in the life of Michael:

Michael’s day usually starts when he wakes at about 6.30am after a good sleep! Read more about his daily routine below:


Health, development and background:

Michael is under the supervision of medical professionals with regards to his health and development. He was born with a Tessier cleft, mild scoliosis of the spine and has suffered from reflux since he was a baby. Michael currently attends a mainstream primary school with an Educational Health Care Plan in place. 

Michael has lived in a number of foster care placements from birth, following his discharge from hospital. It is understood that Michael was exposed to heroin, cocaine and cannabis whilst in utero, and possibly alcohol too. 

Supporting Michael's health and development needs and advocating on his behalf will be of upmost importance for his future family. 

Read more about his health and development in his profile here

Do you have the qualities needed to provide a secure, loving home to Michael:

Speaking about Michael, his social worker said:

“Michael is a lovely little boy in need of a loving and nurturing family, who are able to parent with a calm and therapeutic approach. They will need to champion his health and educational needs, be understanding and realistic of his capabilities, and celebrate his developments - big and small. Michael has made such fantastic progress with his current foster carers and we are here to help prospective adopters explore their strengths and capabilities, in line with what he needs to thrive.”

A two-parent household would be preferable for Michael due to the time and attention that will be required to devote to his day to day needs, as well as his ongoing health and development. It is thought that Michael could manage being in a placement where there are older, more independent children, and could potentially live in a home with friendly pets as long as he is supervised. 

We are primarily looking for adoptive parents who are located within or around the North East, Yorkshire, Cumbria, Lancashire and Manchester, for ease of access to ongoing support. 

Support available:

ARC Adoption has a dedicated in-house Therapeutic Adoption Support Service which exists to support all families in a variety of ways, with ongoing access to in-house and external therapies, training, support groups and events.

Support will also be available from Cumbria Adoption for this placement including the provision of a monetary based adoption allowance. Read more about ARC Adoption’s support service here.

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Could you be the loving, nurturing and secure family that Michael needs in order to reach his full potential? If so we'd love to hear from you. For more information or to arrange a call from our team at a convenient time, please complete our enquiry form