There are thousands of children in the UK that are in need of loving and nurturing families, many of these children are of different ages and come from very different backgrounds.

Almost every looked after child (a child who is in care) today will have been removed from their parents as opposed to being voluntarily relinquished.

Those children that wait the longest for a loving and nurturing family are usually older children over the age of four and brothers and sisters.

Children who are looked after come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

Children may have a variety of behavioural and emotional issues due to their early life experiences, which may include some degree of attachment difficulties. This is something that adopters will learn about during training as they progress through the adoption process.

Smiling baby

If you are considering adopting a baby there are different options available to you, such as Fostering for Adoption. If you would like more information about this a member of ARC Adoption North East team are happy to talk to you and offer further guidance around the Fostering for Adoption route.

If you would like to know more about adoption with ARC Adoption North East and the support available, please contact us.