Friends of ARC Adoption

Approved adopters are welcome to join the "Friends of ARC Adoption" Facebook Group.

The idea behind the "Friends of ARC" Group is to provide a safe space online to create a community of Friends of ARC who will support ARC Adoption’s ongoing growth and development and become involved with events such as marketing campaigns, fundraising, attendance at seasonal support events such as ARC’s 1 O’clock club and Christmas Party.

It is also an opportunity to act as a focus group for the agency’s future development. We welcome any feedback and the sharing of any ideas that you would like to highlight within the group.

To join the "Friend's of ARC" closed Facebook group please click the button below and request to join.

Friend's of ARC Facebook Group

We also welcome volunteers at ARC Adoption, if you are interested in supporting events or are willing to take part in any fundraising activities please email [email protected] or call on 0191 5166466.