ARC Adoption is delighted to be among 23 Voluntary Adoption Agencies (VAAs) from across the UK who have come together to encourage people to consider adopting brothers and sisters, helping to keep them together.

ARC Adoption, along with the other agencies has created a guide for people considering adoption containing helpful information and advice from parents who have already adopted sibling groups.

The ARC Adoption team would like to thank all of the adoptive parents that contributed to this guide. You can download a copy of the advice guide here.

Terry Fitzpatrick OBE from ARC Adoption North East said:

“The impact on children in care who are separated from their brothers and sisters to enable them to find a permanent family is huge, and causes anxiety and loss for children who have already experienced a difficult start in life. Yet so few people feel equipped or able to consider adopting a sibling group of three, or even four children. We are excited to be part of this project sharing first hand, heartfelt experience and advice from families who have already done this incredible thing of adopting a sibling pair or group.”

Jennifer and Stephen adopted two sisters with ARC Adoption North East and would actively encourage people to adopt siblings so they can stay together and offer each other support. They had this to share, which has been included in the guide:

“Our girls came to live with us when they were five and two, and unless you are adopting twins you are likely to have an ‘older’ and a ‘younger’ sibling.  They’ve been through similar early experiences that try as we might, we could never fully understand, so, for them to have each other still, in an environment to be able to support each other and talk to each other about things is really valuable. An older child is likely to have more understanding and a unique perspective of their history which is something to be embraced and openly talked about whenever they have questions. It has made talking about adoption so much easier, with the younger one being naturally brought into conversations too at a level they understand.”

VAAs are specialists in finding families for children who wait the longest in care. They work in partnership with local authorities to find families for children waiting for a permanent home. 

VAAs are independent, not-for-profit organisations who have intensive services to provide families with vital support both when the children are placed and into the future. You can read more about the support available from ARC Adoption North East here

Thank you also to We Made a Wish for publishing this article within their magazine.

If you are interested in finding out more about adopting brothers and sisters, we'd love to hear from you. Please complete our enquiry form and our team will be in touch at a time that is convenient for you.