Marketing and Business Manager

Nicola is a Marketing Management graduate with over 16 years’ experience working in consumer-facing and business to business marketing and communications roles.  Most recently working for a specialist satellite communications company, Nicola wanted to put her skills to a new and more meaningful use in supporting the adopter recruitment efforts of ARC Adoption, leading to finding much needed families for children, and contributing to the wider marketing strategy of the Voluntary Adoption Agency.

Nicola is married to Les and enjoys spending her spare time with family and friends, including her four young nieces and nephews. She is an enthusiastic cook and baker, loves to eat out, enjoys travelling to new places, and watching live music.

Nicola has long been an advocate of the ARC Adoption team, aware of the fantastic work they do, and witnessing their legendary Christmas parties for adoptive families first-hand. She is excited to be part of the team, both contributing to, and showcasing the amazing services and support they offer to adopters on every step of their journeys.